2 years ago

Adding some new MacBook Pro sticker swag.

So one two of the things that I bought my sister for her birthday were these decals for her laptop - you know, those cheesy vinyl stickers you can get off Etsy or Ebay. She’s wanted a Snow White one ever since buying the thing so I just bought it for her so she would stop bringing it up.

I had fun browsing them and they looked cool enough so I bought this flowers blowing in the wind one too.

All I can say is that they are way easier to install than those ZAGG wet apply screen protectors. I swear, it’s like every time I put one of those things on a speck of (unremovable) dust manages to sneak in somehow and ruin my day. ALWAYS.

So the actual decals come stuck onto a clear film and you basically apply both to the surface you want them on. The whole science behind the process is that the adhesive on the vinyl sticker is stronger than the adhesive on the clear layer so when you peel the clear layer off the vinyl stays behind.

Here’s a shot of the template adhesive side up. Don’t get crap on it. So the top side of the vinyl is actually stuck to the bottom side of the clear template…if that makes any sense. It’s hard to tell because everything is just white with this one. It’s pretty clever because you don’t have to deal with trying to figure out the spacing of the floating parts.

Anyway, you stick both on, squeegee the air bubbles out and then peel off the clear layer.

Easy, peasey, lemon squeezee.

She actually wanted to put both on there at the same time but I thought it might be overly cheesy. It’s not really my call to make but whatever.

Since laptops usually spend a lot of time sliding in and out of a knapsack I don’t know how long these things will stay on there before eventually rubbing off. They do look pretty cool though…for however long they will last.

Hipsters probably love showing this type of thing off at coffee shops while not wearing shoes, using free internet and writing their memoirs.