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Fat guy tries to run: YEAR 2.

5km in 24:39.9. Boom.

So I beat my last year’s time of 26:34.3 and I’m pretty damn happy about it. Byaaahhh!!!

What a run it was - pouring rain, soaked from head to toe and children passing me on the uphill portion (again).

I must say that I wasn’t expecting that much rain.

While walking over to the Scotia Theatre to catch the shuttle buses it actually stopped raining so I thought it would be a pretty smooth move to leave my jacket back in the car. But by the time the buses actually arrived at Ontario Place Mother Gaia decided to open up her arms again as we all stood in this shelterless parking lot waiting for the race to start.

At least it wasn’t that cold though…

By the time we actually stood in the start corrals to wait for the gun it was absolutely pouring. It pretty much ensured that nobody could tell if you peed your pants while waiting in line - it’s warm 90% of the people were 100% wet before the race actually started. The other 10% added to the random lady selling ponchos profit margin.

That rain sucked. Hard. But it did add to the intensity of the whole situation and it kind of felt like I was in a movie (or something like that).

I’ve never run in precipitation before - not that pleasant.

And of course by the time we finished the rain had stopped…

Anyway, at the last minute I made an executive decision to not use my running app and go purely on instinct. I was afraid that if I heard the pace time/distance from that damn app then I would just become complacent and fall into my (horrible) practice pace. It was also partially due to the fact that my phone was getting soaked and the lock button started to malfunction so I couldn’t turn the screen on anyway, heh.

That ended up being a pro move though and just like last year (where all I had to go by was a watch) my pace was determined by the hottest girl runner with the most similar pace that I could keep up with. 

Great motivation. Muah ah ah ah…

The other thing that totally sucked was that the rain messed up my headphones. Even though I have some water-resistant Panasonic sport style wrap around your ear rubber type cheese, that crap still got soaked and all I could hear was staticky beats from my one right earphone.

So not Raven…

But all in all I’m going to chalk this one up in the victory column. I didn’t get any cramps and my pace felt good, but hopefully those finish line photos are a little more respectable this year aka I didn’t look like I was going to die.

Looking forward to next year…

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